Welcome to my blog and thanks for coming!

Throughout my life, I’ve had many hobbies come and go, such as hiking, singing, painting, etc., but the only hobby that stood the test of time is writing. I’m not saying I’m particularly good, BUT I have a lot to say, and so I created this blog to serve as a creative outlet for my relentless inclination to write. Its purpose is to be unapologetic, as in I won’t overthink any spelling or grammatical errors, restrict my entries to fit within any one category, or hesitate to share my beliefs. I’m just going to let the writing flow. Feel free to comment, ask questions, disagree with me, etc. Like most humans, I’m constantly changing, and none of my ideas are set in stone.

Picture courtesy of Psychology Today, reinterpreted with water color and acrylic.

A little about me: I’m someone who loved school and ended up getting a masters in history with an emphasis in women’s studies and transnational feminisms. Now I do nonprofit work. In my adolescence, I learned that I had a gift that for many years I considered to be a curse. I was and still am able to sense entities on the other side. I have psychic dreams that foresee the future and present. I am gifted with claircognizance (clear knowing), which is the ability to know something to be true even without supporting knowledge or logic or reason. In other words, I sometimes just know things without explanation (that’s not to say that there haven’t been times I’ve been dead wrong, but throughout life, the right’s have outweighed the wrong’s). I plan on writing about my experiences throughout this blog.

One cold, winter evening years ago I was reading one of Doreen Virtue’s books on my iPad (which one, I can’t recall), and there was a section on finding your purpose in life. I believe it said something along the lines of, Ask out loud what your life’s purpose is, and over the coming days, pay attention to any signs that will hint towards what you’re meant to do in this life. I, of course, was too impatient and excited to wait, so I said out loud, “What’s my life’s purpose?” To my bewilderment, the sheets of the book flipped by themselves and landed on a page containing a story about a woman who discovered her life’s purpose to be writing. When I saw that, I said out loud, “Is my life’s purpose writing?” Just as I had finished asking the questions, the lights in the whole house brightened (the heater had been on and shut off that very moment). I was slightly terrified, but also excited, because I always knew it to be true deep down. SO, to honor my life’s purpose, I created this blog.

I’m also planning on recapping and analyzing episodes from the Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise reality shows, because we are multifaceted people with a myriad of interests, and that happens to be one of my mine. =)

Thank you for reading!