How to Channel Your High Power

Whether I call it God, Goddess, Spirit, Source, Universe, Universal Life-force, Chi, Prana, I use the terms interchangeably to address what I believe to be a Higher Power. Whoever they/it/he/she is (I’ll use the term “they” from now on), they have nothing but your best interest in mind, and tuning into their guidance will only improve your life. There is a wealth of unconditional love, guidance, and wisdom available to us if we choose to acquire their guidance. Every single person has an antennae that can tune into this guidance. I will show you how to channel your higher power, but first, let me tell you how I discovered my connection to the Higher Power.

Photo by Caroline Radulski, 2017

Rather than there be one true religion or spiritual practice, I believe all practices are separate paths to the same source. Whichever path brings you closer to the source is the right path for you. I was raised Christian. When I was young, I used to pray to God for guidance. I didn’t realize that whenever I would mark the cross on my chest, I was opening myself to guidance from a Higher Power. I would ask for forgiveness, pray for protection, and ask for guidance. Whenever I would do so, I would be able to feel the answers to all of my requests before they even happened. When I was fourteen, I tried out for the school cheerleading team. I prayed that I would make the team, and in that moment, I felt an overwhelming “Yes.” The next day, I found out I had made the team. On the other hand, I would pray to get a certain job, and I would feel either a “No” or an “Unknown” feeling. Lo and behold, I would either not get the job or never hear back after sending in my application. Although I didn’t gave it much thought at the time, I learned there was much more to the guidance I received than just coincidence.

I learned that I could hone these gifts even more by silencing my mind and listening to the answers. The answers became more and more nuanced and complex as my abilities grew. There came a point where I didn’t even have to pray anymore. Sometimes, I would be walking down the street thinking about something, and the answer would just come to me. Or, I would be thinking about a friend, and it was as if I could feel what they were feeling. Other times, my friends would be telling me about something, a job they wanted, a person they were interested in, etc., and I would know what would happen before it happened.

I should clarify that this was not always the case. Many times our Spirit Guides don’t want us to know the answers for certain situations. It could be because it’s not our place to know, or because the answers may be unknown, or that knowing may not be beneficial for us. Many times I would confuse my thoughts with my intuition. Our connection to our Higher Power can sometimes get muddy if our thoughts get in the way of what we’re receiving; this connection can be enhanced if we have a clear mindset.

I should warn you that channeling can be dangerous if you’re not tuning into a Higher Power. There are many earth-bound spirits looking for someone with whom to communicate. Being too open can lead to complications and make you vulnerable to entities becoming attached to you. When you’re connected to your Higher Power, any message you receive will come from a loving place. After speaking with them, you should feel a sense of resonance and peace, even if the answer isn’t what you wanted to hear.

Similarly, you can receive guidance from someone who is NOT channeling a higher power; they are generating the answers through their own perception of the situation rather than seeing the bigger picture. Think about it: have you ever gotten advice from a well-meaning friend who didn’t necessarily know what they were talking about? I had a friend who, when we would be at the same event, would seem to have a completely different take on what was going on. She would create all these stories in her head about how other people were feeling, and they would contradict how I perceived the situation. I would think, “Uhh… I don’t see that but maybe she’s right..” Then, later, I would find out that she wasn’t. She had a knack for giving advice that wouldn’t make sense, and in fact, I would feel more confused after talking to her. I realized she was speaking from her own energy reserves rather than channeling a Higher Power. I learned to take her advice with a grain of salt. On the other hand, when you’re talking to someone who is tuned into a Higher Power, anything they say will ultimately lead to a feeling of calm and peace.

Here is how to channel:

1) Go into a quiet room or a place in nature where you can be by yourself. It is important to have few distractions.

2) You will need to go into a trance-like state to clear your mind. Slow down your breath and your thoughts. Remember: mindset is important to getting a strong connection.

3) Always pray for protection. This is very important. When you open yourself up to channeling, you are leaving yourself vulnerable. I can’t emphasize enough how important this step is. I always pray that the “Whitest brightest light of safety and protection,” shield the room I’m in, and shield myself, from any unwelcome visitors.

4) Now, I ask to be connected to my Higher Power, God, Angels, Spirit, the Universe (any term that resonates with you). I imagine myself climbing a ladder high into the sky, among the clouds, to heaven. I imagine my Higher Power coming down and meeting me half way.

5) Wait until you feel a connection. My friend who sees auras sees a white funnel above my head when I tune in. It starts off transparent and gets stronger and denser in time. Similarly, your connection will take a while to kindle, but it will grow.

6) Ask the questions you have. If you don’t have any questions, ask for any guidance or insights your Higher Power would like you to know. Listen for the answer.

7) The answers should come into your heart like a feeling of knowing. You know the answer is true if you feel calm and acceptance.

8) When you are done, thank whoever you were talking to. Gently find yourself climbing down the ladder and returning to your body. Pray to close your connection. Imagine your energy returning down to the ground like roots anchoring a tree. Pray for protection.

Making yourself open to channeling can be exhausting, and it can’t be sustained for long periods of time. When you’re done, take care of yourself and replenish your energy. Being closed is just as important as being open; there’s a balance between the two. Do something to return yourself to your body, whether that means going on a walk or eating some food. Oh, and write down any messages you received. You may want to revisit them later.

Thank you for reading! Remember, protect yourself and stay safe!

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