What I’ve learned through conversations with my Spirit Guides

What I've learned through conversations with my Spirit Guides
Spirit guides accompanying their person (photo credit: Jared Nelson)

I’ve been dabbling with meditating and communicating with my spirit guides since my spiritual awakening nearly five-six years ago. With every conversation, I learn something new and fascinating. I’d like to share with you the knowledge that I’ve garnered over the years.


1. The future is never set in stone 100%, but some events are more fixed than others.

My first anecdote is in regards to the election. What I’m about to write may seem like I’m talking politics, but I’m really not. I’m talking about the spiritual energy underlying politics.

Of all the elections I’ve lived through, nothing compares to this recent one. Regardless of one’s political affiliation (or lack thereof), most people have strong feelings either way.

I followed this election very closely, which is not like me, since I tend to detach from politics. I figured there was a lot on the line and I wanted to know what was going on. Immediately after the first presidential debate, I meditated and asked my guides these questions:

Will Hillary Clinton win the presidency?

I heard, “No.”

Will Donald Trump win the presidency?

I heard, “Yes.”

I thought that I must just be confused and tired. It seemed like there was no chance my prediction was right–all the polls were in favor of Clinton acquiring a landslide victory. I left work on the afternoon of November 7 to a coworker saying, “Tomorrow, we will elect our first female president.” I came back the next morning to a different reality.

What I found interesting is that whether Trump would be president or not was already predicted by the end of the first presidential debate. Save some sort of national emergency or natural disaster, nothing could have happened between then and November 8 to change the outcome. There was some sort of energetic, underlying current ushering Trump into the presidency. It’s something we can’t control, only observe.


2. There are certain landmarks that are guaranteed to occur in our lifetimes, but the details are not determined until it happens.

The more conversations I have with my guides, the more I come to know how energy plays out in the physical world.

I found this interesting; I asked my guides:

Will we have a female president in my lifetime?

I heard, strongly, “Yes.”

The next part gave me chills.

“But we don’t know who yet.”

Whaaaat? You heard it. There will be a female president one day. That spot has already been carved out and stored like a bookmark in the cosmic earthly timeline. But to say that the “who” hasn’t been determined is such a fascinating pathway that my thoughts have never traversed! I learn something new every day!


3. Spirit guides will weigh-in on seemingly mundane decisions just as much as they will for big, life-altering decisions.

When I talk about speaking with my guides, it may seem like I ask for guidance about sacred, life-changing topics. But in fact, guides will participate in conversations regarding everyday questions as well.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m getting older (I’m in my late- twenties) and I want to take steps towards slowing down the visible signs of aging. It seems like a topic that would be outside of a spirit guide’s scope of practice, but I decided to ask them to weigh in anyways. I asked:

Should I look into microdermabrasion?

I heard a strong “YES.”

I saw a picture of cells packed together uniformly. They were glowing with life. If I were to get microdermabrasion done, it would allow my skin cells to grow back evenly and produce more collagen to reduce the signs of aging and slow down wrinkles over time. Plus, it’s a relatively inexpensive procedure. I heard the words, “It’s fascinating. You would be satisfied.”


4. Spirit guides are amazed at the technology that we’ve produced since their lifetimes as humans.

Most of our guides used to live human lives before they were spirit guides. They usually worked on the same lessons in their past lives that their assigned-persons are learning in their current lives.

That being said, they lived during a time of far different technology. I mean, if you can imagine someone born a few centuries before, following you around all day and witnessing all this new technology, they would think, “They created a way to slow down the appearance of aging!!! Where was this when I was alive???”

It doesn’t surprise me that they’d be fascinated with our current technology. Oh, and they were right. I was satisfied with the results after getting microdermabrasion done.


5. Spirit guides are funny.

Spirit guides aren’t just these ever-serious, detached beings. They have a sense of humor. In fact, they’ve made jabs at me during moments when I’m being particularly dramatic.

One time, my car was in the shop, and I was SO disproportionately stressed about it that I couldn’t think about anything else. I couldn’t sleep. I was convinced that my life would never return to normal. I was too emotional to hear any guidance from my guides.

When that happens, I will usually hear messages when I’m waking up from sleep, because it’s the only time my emotions don’t get in the way. The next morning, as I was waking up, I heard “It’s going to be okay! You’ll live!” followed by light-hearted laughter. I couldn’t help but laugh myself. I was being very dramatic over something that would eventually get better. Sure enough, I got my car back and everything was fine.


6. Spirit guides won’t tell you what to do, but they’ll point you in the direction of the best possible scenario.

If you listen to the guidance of your spirit guides, your life will improve. However, not everything is 100% right or 100% wrong, and you always have free will. Every decision has pros and cons. Some decisions are so ambiguous that there isn’t a clear answer. I’ve asked my guides questions regarding certain decisions, and all they’ll say is, “It’s your choice.”

Other times, I’ll ask about something with more-profound consequences for my near future, and they’ll say, “It’s NOT a good idea!!!” or, “It’s a GREAT idea!!!” Sure enough, as time goes by, I learn that they were right, as always.

They won’t do all the work for you either. When I was preparing to move out of my old apartment and looking for a new one, I couldn’t expect an opportunity to just come to me. I had to go out and look for places. It was only then that they were able to weigh-in on the apartment that was best for me out of the ones I found. They were right, too. The apartment they approved of was one of my favorite places to live.

I’ve learned so much through conversations with my guides about how the world works and our roles within it. Thank you for reading! I hope this was as fascinating for you as it was for me!

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