My friend who sees auras

My friend who sees auras
Kelsey and her fabulous tattoo (photo credit: me)

Kelsey and I didn’t become friends because she sees auras; we were just two people who met and formed a kindred connection. After getting to know her, I learned she had some pretty rad gifts. Not only that–she’s one of the humblest people I know.

We’ve known each other since we were teenagers, and in that time, I’ve learned so much about the aura. I constantly asked, “What color’s my aura now? What color’s my aura now?” Based on her answers over time, I noticed some trends.

My aura is usually greenish blue (not to be confused with bluish green). That means it’s blue at the base and radiates to green.[1]  At times, there will be purple in the outer-layer which typically occurs when I’m writing.[2] When I’m feeling out-going and extroverted, there will be a thin outline of red. When I’m sick or going through emotional distress, it is a dull and murky-gray. As I heal, it restores to its previous vibrancy. When I was a young, moody teenager, my aura changed quite frequently with my mood. As I got older and mellowed-out, it tended to stay the same color throughout the day. Possibly the most interesting thing Kelsey noticed is that when I’m channeling with my angels or guides, I have a white funnel that appears over my head. It starts out somewhat transparent, like a hollow can. As time goes by, the connection becomes stronger, and the funnel becomes more white, solid, and bright.[3]

I asked Kelsey if I could interview her for this blog. She graciously agreed, but she prefaced by saying that while she can detect broad trends, she is not an expert on auras. If you’re interested in a comprehensive analysis of aura colors and their meanings, I highly recommend the book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body by Kala Ambrose. It’s the best book I know on the subject.

What are your earliest memories of your gift?

“I remember seeing bright colors around people,” Kelsey recalled, “I remember thinking that some people were super pretty. It really had nothing to do with how they looked, and more with the colors in their auras.”

She didn’t know that she had a gift until the age of twelve. “When I was a kid, I didn’t realize they were auras,” she shared, “I would see all these colors around people and I really thought that it was something everyone could see or do. I never talked to anyone about it.” It wasn’t until she mentioned the topic of auras to a peer that she discovered her remarkable ability. “They gave me the weirdest look,” she said, “They said, ‘What are you talking about?’ and I said, ‘You know, the color that’s around them. It glows. It changes.’ They looked at me like I was absolutely crazy.” From that moment on, Kelsey became judicious about who she chose to disclose information about her gift.

What are some trends that you observed regarding aura colors in your friends and family?

“I have a lot of people around me who have blues or greens or purples,” Kelsey said, “They tend to be drawn to me.” Is it a coincidence that those are my aura colors and we’re such good friends? I think not!

My friend who sees auras
My friend, Caroline, and her aura (photo credit: Radiant Human)

Do aura colors run in the family? Most likely not. It seems that auras are tied to the soul, not to genetics. Kelsey shared, “My mom is green and blue. My dad is orange. [Our mutual friend] is very red-orange.” Twins can have different color auras. “One of my twin sisters is very purple, and the other is blue and yellow.”

What are some associations you have with the different colors?

“Greens are very connected to the earth,” Kelsey shared. “Blues normally are a little bit more calm. I find that blues especially have a really nurturing personality.” As a person with a green and blue aura myself, I would say that she’s pretty spot-on =)

Purple tends to correlate with inuitive abilities. “My sister has a purple aura and she has strong gifts,” Kelsey shared, “Purples tend to be super, super intuned and tapped-in.”

Some things aren’t as cut-and-dry. “It’s not exactly like a mood ring,” Kelsey added, “There might be some levels to the aura that are, but I don’t see those layers.”

There are some correlations with the colors that relate to mental health or the state of the body. “When somebody’s going through something, their color would be really dull. If they have an unhealthy lifestyle, like they’re alcoholics or on drugs, it’s especially dull. It’s almost like the aura is being squashed down and killed. This doesn’t happen when someone does drugs a couple times a year, but rather when they’re a heavy substance-user.”

The state of the aura similarly corresponds with the state of a person’s spirit. “I’ve definitely seen murky or gray auras when someone is going through something emotional or spiritual,” Kelsey added. In fact, some auras will literally have black blotches that can block that person from meditation.

“My sister was trying to meditate, and she just couldn’t. She was blocked,” Kelsey shared, “All she could see was a black wall. You can’t manifest light and vision when all you can see is blackness.” In order to unblock her, Kelsey and her sister sat outside underneath a full moon. “I harnessed the moon’s light. It’s a pure, white light that I channeled into my sister’s aura to remove the blotches. It cleared her out. Afterward, she could meditate again.”

Kelsey added, “It’s important that people understand that [a blocked aura] happens to everyone. There’s nothing wrong with you. Sometimes, you just need to be cleared out. My best advice would be to try meditating under the full moon. Feeling the white light helps.” So, even if you don’t have a gifted friend who can help you, sitting underneath the moonlight can be beneficial to cleaning yourself out.

Does a person’s aura color change or stay the same throughout their lifetime?

It usually will be the same color with slight variation over long periods of time, but it can change with age. The aura of Kelsey’s other sister has changed several times throughout her life. As a child, it was lavender. When she grew up, it became pink. After she had her first child, it changed to blue. “Sometimes she’ll even be yellow,” Kelsey added, “but not as often.” My theory is that the color will shift with hormones. Many young girls typically have a pale-pink or lavender aura.[4] It typically changes to a different color during and after puberty. I suspect childbirth causes a hormonal change in the mother that alters the aura color as well.

The funny thing is, a person’s aura color tends to be their favorite color. Greenish blue has been my favorite color ever since I first saw a cerulean crayon as a kid. Our mutual friend with the red-orange aura always makes art with vibrant red and orange paint. My friend, Caroline, pictured with her aura above, loves pale-red.

Lastly, can you see your own aura?

Slady, the answer is no. “I cannot see my own aura,” Kelsey said, “I’ve always been so curious as to what color my aura is, but I can’t see it, not even in a mirror.” I myself don’t have the gift of sight; I would tell her if I could. We suspect her aura is maroon-ish red because that’s her favorite color.

It doesn’t surprise me that she’s never met another who claims to see auras, since the topic doesn’t come up often in everyday conversation. My suspicion is that many more folks see auras than we think and they’re not particularly inclined to share it with the world. It is my hope that someone out there with a similar gift is reading this and feeling validated and normalized for their abilities.

Thank you for reading!!!

[1] I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve met who’ve elected to share that they could see auras, and they’ve always identified me as greenish-blue. Back

[2] I find it fascinating, as many associate the color purple with channeling information from above, which might explain where I get my inspiration to write. Back

[3] If you’re wondering what the heck channeling is, I plan on writing about it in a future entry. Back

[4] I don’t mean to reinforce gender norms by associating pink and lavender with young female children. This is a generalization that doesn’t apply to all children. Back

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