How to protect your home from unwanted visitors on the other side

How to protect your home from unwanted visitors on the other side

In my teens and early twenties, I experienced terrifying and unexplainable paranormal phenomena. The activity began in my childhood home, and then followed me to every dorm, apartment, and house I lived in throughout my early adult years. Until I finally learned why it was happening, I couldn’t figure out how to protect myself.

The answer became clear when I was fortunate to cross paths with roommates who shared similar intuitive abilities (they later became life-long friends). Whenever I’d sense the presence of something in the house, they would validate that they felt the same thing. In fact, they told me that something about me was like an antenna, and whenever I was home, the activity in the house would increase.  This had three effects on me: 1) it TERRIFIED me to discover it wasn’t all in my head; 2)  it awakened me to my responsibility to protect us all from any unwanted entities I inadvertently let in, and 3) it offered me the validation to move on and learn how to protect myself.

When a person who is sensitive is open, they knowingly or unknowingly are walking portals to the other side. Those on the other side are excited to be in the presence of someone who can sense them, and will be drawn to them like a magnet. They will make their presence known in some way, whether that’s through a vivid dream, the feeling of being watched, or in some cases, apparitions.

Not all visitors from the other side are bad. We are all surrounded by our loved ones every day–you feel them so often that sometimes you forget that they’re there, but they’re always with you. Some entities remain in the space where they once lived to process the lessons they were meant to learn while living. Others stick around because they’ve grown a liking to you and want to protect you. However, there are times when you will experience the presence of a dark energy, a visitor with bad intentions. Here’s how you know:

– You have an unsettling feeling, like the hairs on the back of your neck are standing up.
– You feel like you’re being watched.
– You’re in a room, and you feel fine, until the sun goes down, and then you suddenly want to book it as fast as you possibly can.
– There are certain places in your home where you don’t want to be alone.
– You feel drained or sick or find yourself in an bad mood when you’re home.
– You leave the location for a while, and come back and visit one day, and all those creepy feelings come rushing back.
– You observe a pet growling at thin air (this one always freaks me out).
– You frequently have gnarly, scary dreams.
– You or someone in your house has a history of conducting a seance or messing around with a Ouija board (never ever do this).

If you are undergoing these unpleasant experiences, always know that you do NOT have to share space with unwanted entities (that is something I wish I knew when I was a teenager). It is your space. YOU are the one living in it physically right now, and you can place boundaries to protect it. There are some steps you can take to protect your home.


How to protect your home from unwanted visitors on the other side

Sage (Fire)

Smudging is the act of lighting and smoking a dried bundle of sage in order to cleanse a space of pent-up or negative energy, a common practice in many Native American and indigenous cultures (sorry to generalize a multitude of people, but for the purposes of this post, I will keep it vague for now). Sage can be purchased at most health-food stores, well-stocked bookstores, and new age-y spiritual stores. You can also purchase bundles from

There’s something about the way day turns to night or night turns to day that alters the activity in your home. For the purposes of shielding your house from unwanted visitors, my experience has taught me that smudging with sage for protection is only effective if conducted during the day. If you try to smudge at night, it won’t shield your home from the other side. Don’t ask me how or why; that’s just what I’ve observed. If you live in a part of the world where the sun sets early in the winter, the lack of daylight doesn’t seem to matter as much as the time of day, so be sure to conduct these ceremonies by 5 pm-ish or earlier.

Open all your windows. If it’s the winter time, I suggest opening them during the warmest part of the day. I like to light a candle and hold the bundle over the flame until I get a good amount of smoke going. The belief is that the stronger the smoke, the more the area needs to be smudged. Take the lit bundle and walk around the perimeter of every room, allowing the smoke to spread throughout the space, with special attention to the corners. (If you’re worried about your clothes absorbing the smell, I’ve noticed that the smell doesn’t really linger after an hour or so, but I close my closet doors just in case.)

Some practitioners do not stop the smoke because they believe it will extinguish when it’s meant to extinguish. I do just because sometimes it seems like it never stops smoking, so I will pour water on it when I’m done. I then set it outside until the smoke is completely dispelled. I recommend keeping the windows open until the smell is completely gone, usually an hour. If you don’t keep the windows open, it traps all that energy inside, almost defeating the purpose.

While smudging, it is important to invoke some sort of intention through a mantra you recite out loud. Here is mine:

Please bless and protect this home with the whitest, brightest light of safety and protection. Please only allow angels, loved ones, those with good intentions, and friends in this space. Please bless all who enter with a feeling of well-being and peace.

Believe it or not, reciting this mantra is very, very powerful. I used to ask that only angels and loved ones be allowed in my room. To my horror, my friends wouldn’t come into my room!!! Who would have thought the mantra would work on living people too??? So I added “friends” to the mantra, and then “friend of friends” for when I throw parties. Now, thankfully, my friends will enter the room.

I used to ban any and all entities from my home who I didn’t recognize, but recently I’ve changed my mind. There are some presences that are not bad and are residing in the space out of good intentions, or they’re confused and don’t know they’re dead. Sometimes it’s best to let them stay if they’re not hurting you or making you uncomfortable. They usually have some work left to do that’s keeping them here.


Salt (Earth)

Denise Linn wrote this amazing book, Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home, which in every way, shape, and form, transformed my life through her wealth of knowledge. She contends that if she had only one device to protect a house, it would be salt, hands-down. I lived in a house that I tried desperately to dispel the creepy, negative energy, and nothing would work until I tried salt.

After you’ve smudged, grab a handful of salt. I’ve read that it’s important to get unprocessed sea salt; it’s all I’ve ever used. Starting at the front door, walk the perimeter of the house and place some salt in the corners of every room. Add a line of salt in front of the windows (full disclosure: animals will get sick if they consume salt, so keep that in mind). When you’re done and you’ve returned to the front door, throw the remaining salt out the door and close it. Any spirits will be drawn to the salt and follow it out. This will create a shield that only allows beings that are in the light to enter. You’ll want to keep the salt in the corners at all times to maintain the shield. I recognize that that might be undesirable for pets. If that’s the case, consider pouring a line of salt around the outside of your place. This technique isn’t always possible, especially if you live in an upstairs apartment or in a rainy part of the world, but if you can, it will keep your house impervious to unwanted energy.

As far as I’ve experienced, the sage and salt should be enough to protect your home. There are a couple more techniques that will generally raise the vibration of your home, but are not necessary.


Sound (Air)

Sound has the effect of dispelling stuck energy. I can’t speak to the science behind it, but I do notice a difference in my home when I perform this technique, and my intuitive friends can as well. I learned the technique from Karen Kingston’s book, Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui: Learn the Art of Space Clearing and Bring New Energy into Your Life Go around the inside perimeter of the house and clap along the walls and all the corners. Next, walk around the perimeter of the house and ring a bell. If you have several bells, start with the largest, lowest-pitched bell (such as a gong) and ring it throughout the house. Next, ring every subsequent higher-pitched bell(s), walking around the house for each one. I have three sets of bells that I use. I perform this technique far less often than other ceremonies since it can be a bit time-consuming. I usually save it for a couple times a year or before a get-together when I want my guests to come over and feel warm-and-fuzzy.


Moon Spray (Water)

This last step is not necessary, but a fun hobby that I like to do. When the moon is full, I leave a container of fresh water out in a bowl. In the morning, I pour it into a spray bottle and add several drops of lavender oil. I sometimes will place a tiny quartz crystal in the container to magnify the energy. I keep it in my refrigerator, and every once in a while I spray it in all the rooms. You can also make this spray out of water from a thunder storm or melted snow. It enacts a gentle, soft energy that offers a feeling of well-being. Even if you don’t say anything, your guests will subconsciously pick up on it. I’ve had many guests say they always feel peaceful when they come over.


What to do if it doesn’t work?

Sometimes, whatever you’re trying to remove is too strong for salt or sage. If you don’t have to live in your current residence and if being there is negatively affecting your well-being, the best thing to do is move (unless the activity is connected to you). I know that sounds over-the-top, but over the course of a lifetime it’s best to live in a safe space with good energy if you can help it. Your roommate(s) and/or family members will be happier as well. If moving isn’t an option, shield your room. In my experience, if I can’t keep unwanted visitors out of the entire house, I can at least protect my bedroom. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

I can’t speak to calling upon a professional to remove any unwanted visitors because I’ve never done that before. Sometimes, having the energy of another gifted friend will amplify your ceremony. Some entities are very strong and will return after a while. In that case, you’ll have to repeat the ceremony several times as a form of maintenance to keep them at bay. Sometimes it is the land that is haunted (oftentimes entities will cycle through several different houses in the same neighborhood), and all you can do is shield your house regularly to keep the unwanted energy out. If your house is haunted because you or someone living there conducted a seance, you’ll have to close the portal that was left open, or the hauntings will never stop. I don’t have any experience regarding closing a portal, so I can’t expand on that. What I do know is that it’s best for the one who opened it to be the one to close it. You can likely find information out there on the Internet. If the unwanted energy is not connected to a place, but to a person, that will take a lot more work. Dark entities will only be attached to people with dark or painful pasts (or presents) that they’re still working through. That person will have to go through healing therapy  to let go of whatever darkness they’re unknowingly holding on to.

If you’re ever terrified out of your mind and nothing seems to work, you can call upon your loved ones on the other side to protect you. Say their name out loud and ask them to be with you and keep you safe. They will arrive instantly and push out any unwanted visitors. It takes a LOT of energy for loved ones who have moved on to the light to come down to the earth plane to protect us, but they will always be there at the drop of a hat if you call for them. This method works 100% of the time for me.

Whew, this entry was a doozy to write!!! I hope that you didn’t get too freaked out reading this, and I hope that these techniques might help make your house more comfortable. If you have any additions or experiences you would like to share, please comment.

Have a great day! Thank you for reading!

I wanted to add that I hate to contribute to the dichotomy of light versus dark, high energy versus low energy, good versus bad, etc. That is the nomenclature I have become accustomed to to simplify writing about a very complex topic. However, most everything is somewhere in the middle, and not entirely good nor entirely bad, just like people.

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